Rebuilding Your Reproductive System After Hormonal Therapy / April 26, 2014


Rebuilding Your Reproductive System After Hormonal Therapy (Artificial Birth Control)


What will you learn:

What happens to your body when you take birth control
How to rebuild and re-balance your system after years of Artificial Birth Control
What foods are best to use to help to rebuild your body and re-balance your system?

What herbs are best to restore balance to your hormones?
What vitamins and minerals are best to use to rebuild your reproductive system?
What are some forms of Alternative Birth Control Methods and do they work?

As a Bonus:

You will learn some Breathing Techniques, Meditations and Affirmations that help to jump start healing in your Reproductive cells and organs.

Prepare Herbal Combinations that help balance your Reproductive organs and Hormonal System.

How to properly prepare herbs.


April 26, 2014
Time: 10am to 12pm
Location: Baldwin Hills
Price $65
Early Bird Registration $55 until March 31, 2014!


Participant 1:

Great morning! I wanted to say thank you for your workshop. I don’t think we “meet” people by accident in life. You have encouraged me to do what I wanted but just was too lazy to research on my own. :-). You are an inspiration.

Participant 2:

I attended one of your workshops this past Saturday called, “Rebuilding your reproductive system after hormonal therapy” and really enjoyed it. I received a lot of new information from it and I hope to be utilizing some of the information in the future.

I am actually a Registered Nurse in the Perinatal Department. I work with Antepartum, Intrapartum, Postpartum women and their newborns. So the information you gave us that day is very vital to my profession!

It’s funny because my attending was very coincidental. I actually attended with my boyfriend who was getting extra credit in his anatomy class. He told me about it and I said I wanted to go because the title of the workshop seemed like something I’d enjoy.

Not only have I always been interested in Women’s health but also the holistic side of it as well. It’s amazing how much Western medicine does not seem to be.. how do I say this.. Western medicine just doesn’t seem to be healthy at all. Working in a hospital I’ve just come to notice that it’s an institution more interested in money than care and it makes me feel uncomfortable working there at times.

… what also caught my attention is how spiritual you are. My boyfriend and I are very much into metaphysics, astrology, meditation, chakras, yoga, dreams, and healthy living in general. So it’s great to hear someone who seems so well versed in these concepts and ideas.

We want to attend more of your workshops in the future… Thank you again for the wonderful information given at the workshop. I hope to learn more.

Participant 3:

hi- thank you so much for all your info that you shared with us at last saturday’s workshop- i have something that you can had to one of your ”case” stories! i skipped my period last month and then right after i got home last saturday i practiced the breathing techniques- fell asleep immediately and when i woke up i started getting pms symptoms and recieved my period a few days later- i really think the breathing techniques helped- thank you so much!