Metaphysical Minister

Metaphysical Minister - using mental mind treatments, herbs, nutrition, breathing techniques, special baths, and much more to help one achieve their wellness goals.

Ma’at enjoys assisting people in realizing their dream of a blissful birth whether it be a human birth or the birth of new ideas and lifestyles. She believes if you help people to realize their true potential, they will create a Reality of Love, Health, Wealth, Abundance, Pure Light and Joy!


Service Offerings

A. Nutritional herbal consultations for pregnant non pregnant women as well as for children and men.

B. Personalized Cleanses
Directions for optimal wellness for reproductive health, increased fertility and/ or womb wellness/ healing. Cleansing the system of toxic chemicals, excessive hormones.

C. Mental Mind Treatments using breathing techniques and Deep Relaxation Techniques.

D. Uncoiling Ceremony ( removal of energy of past lovers and of any other being from your sacred temple). This ceremony  removes stagnation and excessive weight of other energies, clears your energy fields and  releases you from  the mental, physical and spiritual hold of others.

E. Lectures and workshops on issues dealing with Holistic Healing and Living such as Mind Womb Connection, Holistic Postpartum Doula Training, Herbs in Childhood, Healing from Prolonged Hormonal Therapy i.e. Birth control, Hormone laced food and much more.




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If you are ready and open for a change, feel free to reach out to Ma'at regarding Life Coaching and Guidance.